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Nail Driving

Youth ages 6 to 7
Youth ages 8 to 9
Youth ages 10 to 12

1) Contest is open to all youth 6 to 11 years of age
2) Object of the contest is to drive a nail as far as possible into a block of wood with two (2) hammer blows.
3) Wood, hammer and nails will be furnished by the Fair Association.
4) Safety glasses must be worn by all contestants.
5) The nail will be started in the block by the fair official. Nail may not be touched or held in any manner except by the two hammer blows.
6) The winner will be determined by measuring the length of the nail protruding from the wood block. The shortest distance will be declared the winner.
7) In the event of ties, a "Nail Drive Off" will be held.
8) Judges decision will be final

Entry fee = $ .50
Premiums = ribbon or trophy

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