Welcome to Northumberland County Fair 2015!

As you’ve heard, it’s the “BIGGEST little fair in PA!” and we’re offering a “Harvest of FUN” this year!

Northumberland County Fair is BIG enough to offer 4 full days of fun and discovery for fair-goers of all ages!

Northumberland County’s Fair is small enough that fair-goers won’t be overwhelmed by the crush of crowds!

Northumberland County Fair is just right for folks who want the fun of exhibiting their produce & crafts for prizes!

Northumberland County Fair is perfect for those  who need to get away from the modern world for a while!!

Visit Northumberland County Fair for the old-fashioned, down-home atmosphere bigger fairs lost in the last century.

You’ll be glad you did!

Enter agricultural & household products. Enjoy the acknowledgement of their worth as you win ribbons & premiums!


You want blue-ribbon Beef, Beets, Bunnies and Beans?

Well, we’ve got ‘em!

You’re pining for prize-winning Peas, Pies, Preserves and Plants ?

Sure, we’ve got ‘em!

You’re searching for first class Cattle, Cabbage, Crafts and Cakes??

You bet, we’ve got ‘em!

… and M O R E !!!

Plan to harvest 4 days of the biggest produce, friendliest livestock, sweetest baked goods, warmest quilts … and MORE!

Come for a long list of games and contests in addition to star-studded entertainment!

Don’t miss this year’s fantastic fair, capped off on Saturday night with an amazing fireworks display!

Y’all come on down and see for yourself!


The Northumberland County Fair Board:

  • J W Temple (Treas)
  • Jane Rebuck
  • Richard Byerly
  • Cash Brezgel jr
  • Heidi Diperna
  • Wendy Horn
  • Shirley & Robert Lahr
  • Francine & Donald Ferster
  • Marcia Case-Stoltzfus
  • Becky Cromis & Mark Keller
  • Emily Adams & Andrew
  • Peggy Shelly & Bob Douglas
  • Lynn Wilson
  • Kim & Jon Clemens
  • Jeff Baney (VP)
  • George Sudol
  • Laurie Cooper
  • Larry & Janice Snyder
  • John & Tracy Gilligbauer
  • Betty Bronson
  • Jim & Tanya McClincy
  • Matt Reader (Pres) & Valerie
  • Josiah & Megan Clemens
  • Tina Epler
  • Randy & Sally Ross
  • Joel Miller
  • Josh Pickett
  • Ryan Brezgel
  • Joan Renn
  • Joe Bartello
  • Donald & Roberta Molaro
  • Paul Leasure
  • Harry & Marjeana Masker
  • Joe Bryson
  • Mike Brezgel
  • Robert W Randall
  • Travis Shipe
  • Mike Shimko


New at the fair for 2015 (so far)!

Location! Only “new” if you didn’t make it to last year’s fair …  but we’ll be at the Tall Cedars of Lebanon Grove again, off State Route 890. Turn East at “Wolfs Crossroads” just South of Sunbury & follow signs … (or enter this address in your GPS: 522 Seven Points Rd, Sunbury,17801, PA, USA)

Additional Day! For the first time, the Northumberland County Fair will run four (4) fun-filled days!

School Band Competition! for the first time this year, local school bands are invited to compete on Saturday. Check the schedule & fair book for information.

Adding classes for beef heifers!Information in the Fair Book

Garden Tractor Pull!Wednesday night of the fair will feature this popular attraction!

Adult Showmanship Class!Check the schedule & fair book for more information.

The fair begins with the exhibition of local farm and homemade products and ends with a spectacular fireworks display! Copyright Northumberland County Fair 2015 Click mouse to report site misbehavior Mail: sk8coach@tds.net?subject=Fair website problem or question “The BIGGEST                                      little Fair in PA” 2015 Harvest the FUN!     4-H Roundup  Is one week  before the fair          Click for Fair Book  Thank You To our FAIR SPONSORS: * Sunbury Animal  Hospital